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Our Services

  • Loss Prevention Survey 

  • Marine Casualty Survey 

  • Cargo Damage Survey 

  • Vetting / Vessel Risk Assessment Survey / Full Condition Survey 

  • Pre-Loading & Cargo Hold Condition Survey 

  • Hatch Cover Weather Tightness Test 

  • P&I Pre-entry Condition, Routine Condition & Valuation Surveys 

  • Vessel Suitability Advice 

  • Trip-In-Tow Surveys 

  • On & Off Hire Surveys 

  • Bunker Quantity & Quality Survey 

  • Bunker R.O.B. Survey / Bunker Detective Survey 

  • Tiedown Surveys 

  • Navigational Audit

  • Management Audit



KBL Surveyors attend to vessels on time and do not delay your ships.


You can feel comfort that KBL Surveyors on board are always well experienced.

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