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Who we are?

KBL Marine was founded with a vision of "Quality Marine Surveys Across the Globe" in 2014. Our goal is to become a leader in marine consultancy by conducting high quality marine surveys and achieving high customer satisfaction.

KBL surveyors are highly knowledgeable and well trained in all types of marine surveys and make a notable difference in the quality of the conducted survey, and the integrity, work ethic, professionalism and the hard work of our experienced surveyors.

KBL has conducted several thousands of marine surveys on behalf of our clients over the years including some of the most challenging cases of marine survey incidents and provided excellent service to our clients. This resulted in 100% client satisfaction and 100% retaining of our clients over the years. This means that all our clients have continued working with us over the course of several years.

We are committed to providing you an outstanding service quality and a comprehensive, fast, and reliable consultancy service.

KBL strives to achieve its vision of "Quality Marine Surveys Across the Globe" as a dependable and efficient consultancy services provider.

In KBL, we believe in the long-term growth that excels efficiency, quality, professionalism, and customer service. No matter what the circumstances, we do our best to satisfy your survey needs and requirements.

KBL will make your business more profitable by conducting quality surveys and is the Partner of Choice for your business like many others who chose to work with KBL.


Our Quality Guarantee

KBL provides marine surveys and consultancy with its trustworthy surveyors around the globe.

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